Luxury pet bed – why is it a good idea?

Luxury pet bed – eccentricity or sensible choice? We believe that you and your four-legged friend can only benefit from this investment. Find out what the main reasons are for choosing a designer dog bed.

  1. Luxury pet beds are manufactured like furniture for people
  2. Designer dog beds have little in common with standard pet shop pillows. They are handmade by skilled and experienced craftsmen. They adopt advanced carpenter’s and upholsterer’s techniques to create real furniture in a size adapted to your dog’s or cat’s needs.

    The manufacture is a true art that emphasizes every single detail. And this is reflected both in the sophisticated design of every luxury pet bed and in the comfort of your beloved pet

    It takes many hours to produce dog beds in Pet Empire as even minor details do matter.

  3. Designer dog beds match your home interior design
  4.  You have put a lot of effort into decorating your home. You have invested in a design made by an experienced interior decorator. Everything looks like a perfect match, except… a deformed pillow for your dog? The devil is in the detail, but now you can take care of it.

    Forget the unesthetic bedding and swap it for an upholstered luxury pet bed – like our Glamour model inspired by a classic Chesterfield sofa. It is perfect for both classic and elegant interiors, as well as more minimalist spaces.

  5. Each luxury pet bed is designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind
  6. A luxury dog bed can help you to pamper your beloved pet but also take care of their well-being. Premium pet sofas are designed with love and passion for our four-legged friends. This is why we prioritise their comfort, which comes from:

    • a perfectly soft pillow to lie on all day and at night;
    • ergonomic sides that your pet can lean on freely;
    • the upholstery that is proven safe for animals – the material is free of any toxic additives that could harm your dog or cat.
  7. A premium dog bed is a choice for many years

‘Luxurious’ means ‘durable’. Designer dog beds are made of carefully selected materials. The kind that will make the pet sofa look new for years to come. These are:

  • a natural high-quality wood used to manufacture every luxury pet bed;
  • an upholstery based on a pleasant-to-touch, stain-resistant and non-hygroscopic material – selected in response to the needs and behaviour of pets;
  • a removable pillow cover – you can easily wash it if necessary.

As you can see, the luxury dog bed for your pet is an informed and sensible choice that can bring you and your beloved friend much joy.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at designer pet beds and provide your pet with the luxury that it deserves!


Title: Luxury pet beds - why is it a sensible choice?

Description: Luxury pet beds are more than just an eccentricity. They are a sensible choice if you are a pet owner and a good design enthusiast. Discover their benefits!



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