About Us

From our love of animals and beautiful interiors

We love dogs, they have always been with us. The founder and owner of Pet Empire, also an interior designer, has shared her life with pets since she was a child: Fairytale the dachshund, Clemens, Mozart the yorkshire terrier, and now Morris – these dogs have a special place in her heart. As an Interior Architecture graduate, she came up with the idea of unique dog beds in 2017.

Design, quality & comfort for your pet

Pet Empire beds are thoroughly planned projects. Each product is created using high-quality materials that are durable, comfortable, and have an attractive design. At Pet Empire, we focus primarily on providing the highest quality. Our dog bedding is handcrafted in a small family manufacture by the best, talented craftsmen. Thanks to this, each puppy bed is made with the accuracy that only an enthusiast can provide and which only a luxury lover will truly appreciate. It is the same quality as used in high end human furniture and it will lasts a lifetime. We love our four-legged friends, so when designing luxury dog beds, we use the best materials and focus on quality, not mass production.