Collection: Soft Beds

Luxury pet beds for dogs and cats

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, and not without a reason. They are loyal, precious, and most definitely adorable - which is why they deserve the most comfortable furniture. If you have a dog - or maybe a couple of dogs - make sure you’re giving them what they truly deserve and think about getting a luxury dog bed. Pets love it , you'll love it. Make sure your pet gets the best.

Luxurious dog beds from Pet Empire

All our pet furniture is handcrafted in a small family manufacture. This enables us to have full control over the whole production process, down to the smallest detail. Glamour, our flagship product is a unique piece of pet furniture. The detailing is inspired by the famous Chesterfield sofa with it’s pleating and deep buttoning which are one of the most laborious techniques and can only be completed by hand to a high standard by the most experienced craftsmen.

The Glamour pet bed is meticulously deep buttoned with more than 100 handmade buttons which are hammered into the frame.

Royal Sofa has a shallower deep buttoning with more than 70 handmade buttons which are hammered into the frame as well.

Yin & Yang Pet Sofa has an ergonomic shape enabling your pet to curl up comfortably in.

All our sofas have wooden frames, the wood is kiln dried ensuring that they last a lifetime. The frames are the same quality as used in high end human furniture.

Our craftsman spend many hours on each sofa in order to make it as luxurious and comfortable as possible.